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Festival Line Up

What's Happening?

High velocity art in motion.


Feature Artist Showcase

Explore the limits of perception through the intersection of performance, visual and digital arts in Freya Björg Olafson’s HYPER_. Dive into the street culture of drug-filled, disassociated personas in Lara Kramer’s journey of addiction, loss and alienation in Native Girl Syndrome.

YEG Spotlight

Staying true to our roots and the artists who have helped make Expanse the success it is, our YEG Spotlight highlights the very best in Edmonton-based professional talent. Nancy McAlear’s team of artists returns to Expanse with The Contract, physical theatre told through text, poetry and dance, which shares the story of a man and woman, two strangers, who discover a connection that gives them hope for the future.

East Meets West

We bring two performers from opposite corners of the country together in an eclectic showcase of brave new work. Kate Stashko performs The Matryoshka Series, exploring the lines between the human and the mathematical, where something beautiful can become overwhelming. Parts+Labour_Danse presents La chute and begs the question: when we begin to strip away the layers, who do we become? What is left?

Alberta Grown

Some of these artists may no longer live here, but they were raised and trained in Alberta. Expanse is proud to reclaim these once-local artists in a vibrant showcase of shorts by Krista Posyniak, Rebecca Sawdon, Tony Tran and Naomi Brand.


Expanse is on the move outside of the theatre. Hang out in the lobby between performances or get down after dark with us.

The Lobbyists

Part performance, part installation, part schmooze fest, part hang out session, Expanse artists are moving in, around and through the Arts Barns lobby. Their aim? Simply to meet you where you are. Featuring performances by Gabby Bernard, Zoe Glassman, Lianna Makuch, Oscar Derx, Bill YongNina Haggerty Centre for the Arts and The Dance Exchange.

I Don’t Get It

Two writers walk into a barre. Get it? You don't have to. Local dance critics Paul Blinov and Fawnda Mithrush podcast live from the Expanse lobby. Stop by and say hi!

Expanse After Hours

Get down after dark with two late night performance parties featuring a surprising lineup of artists. Join us Wednesday, March 11 and Saturday March 14 in the lobby after 9:30pm.


The Where and the When. Important Stuff.


This year’s talented festival artists share their ideas, techniques and practices through the Workshop Series curated by Good Women Dance Collective.

Workshop Fees: $20 per workshop or $75 for all five workshops

Prices are cheap when you buy in bulk. Interested in enrolling? Please contact the Good Women Dance Collective at info@goodwomen.ca. Or click here to enrol online.

Doing, Seeing and Being | with Naomi Brand | Thursday, March 12 | 10am | Studio A | In this improvisation-based workshop participants will be guided through a physical warm up to energize the body, awaken the senses and enliven the imagination. We will engage in a series of solo, duet and group scores aimed to cultivate our attention while moving in an embodied way. We will use the principles of sensation, relationship, time and design as a foundation to compose dances in the moment. Participants will be invited to experience themselves and the people around them in the here and now while noticing the choreographic possibilities and choices available in each instant of the dance.

Vogue Femme | with Tony Tran | Friday, March 13 | 10am | Studio A | There are different styles of Vogue. Old Way Vogue, New Way Vogue, and Vogue Femme. All were created in the ballroom scene and have similar elements but can be executed differently. Vogue Femme has five elements: catwalk, duckwalk, spins, dips and hand performance with an added element of floor performance. Created mainly by Femme Queens, the style is extra feminine but is also very active with different body levels.

Workshop for Performers | with Lara Kramer | Friday, March 13 | 12pm | Studio A In this workshop we will enter a creative process that supports the discovery of state of body. The aim will be to explore and enter a state that will inform the physicality and theatricality of each individual. Working in solo form, participants will be encouraged to respond instinctually to lead explorations. I will guide the group through a series of exercises that embody themes of distortion and fixation, facilitating a space where connections to sensation and environment can be made. Time will be allotted to develop and expand on personal connections made, deepening an awareness to the layering within state of body.

Repertoire Fundamentals | with Parts+Labour_Danse | Saturday, March 14 | 11:30am | Westbury Theatre | Urban and contemporary vocabularies merge into a rich and dynamic dance form developed and taught by Parts+Labour_Danse choreographers Emily Gualtieri and David Albert-Toth. The workshop will include fundamentals of their physical language, brief repertoire, and will encourage its participants to develop their performance skills by focusing on physical presence and intention in movement.

Media & Performance | with Freya Björg Olafson | Sunday, March 15 | 11:00am | Westbury Theatre | The integration of technology and visual media in live performance is an ongoing negotiation. This workshop is for creators, performers and the curious who are interested in mixed discipline creation and process. Whether one creates video and media or collaborates with artists in different disciplines, this workshop will offer tools to dissect concept from construction furthering an understanding of the relationships between disciplines. The workshop is geared towards dancers / performers / movers / directors / creators / enthusiasts and will include a presentation of work by contemporary artists working with video in performance. Participants will also be lead through an informal course on Quartz Composer and Isadora (the software used in the creation of Olafson's works, HYPER_ and AVATAR). This workshop will be of value to those interested in performing in work with video, creating work with video, presenting installations with live video feed,manipulating pre-recorded and live video.


Meet the Amazing Talent Behind Expanse

Each year, Expanse welcomes a diverse collective of artists from across Canada

2015 Artist Information coming soon - stay tuned!


Who We Are. Get To Know Us Better.

An electric celebration of art in motion, Expanse Festival invites you to be moved by the power of body made art.

Azimuth Theatre Association and The Good Women Dance Collective are proud to present Expanse 2015. This year's program offers an exciting blend of national and local artists presenting provocative & thoughtful performance all within the cozy confines of The ATB Arts Barns. We invite you to explore the diverse range of performance art curated to challenge perceptions, invite discussion and move you. Founded in 2005 as an event to challenge contemporary dance choreographers to create work for a very small space (Azimuth Theatre’s The Living Room Playhouse), Expanse has evolved into an event that has celebrated and continues to celebrate a wide range of performance forms including hiphop, mime, music, film, installations, physical theatre, clown, and more. Over its 11 year history, we have presented work from across the country and from overseas yet maintained a strong foundation in the local scene.

Be Moved!


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